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This is our best seller and our favorite too and  there is a story behind .

We arrived in the country in 2001 and fell in love with the island and especially with the Dominican people. Dominican Republic was very rustic at this time, especially the countryside and we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere very young, without family… This turned out to be the best experience of our life thanks to one village in particular where we spent a lot of time. They accepted and treated us as part of their family and we really needed it at that time. During 14 years we always felt welcome and safe, learned a lot from the dominican people and we can say that we are still here thanks to them. This gave us the idea of including them in our photo sessions not only because of the great photographic possibilities but also to share this with you. It is in honor of the people who make the heart of this country and who truly filled OUR hearts. It is way more than a photography session, it is a life experience and a life lesson. The dominicans will enjoy your visit and will share moments with you that may become one page of your love story. You will be amazed by the beautiful countryside, be welcomed in their houses, visit schools, meet families that make the heart of this country.

Share this adventure with us and spread some love around, we will turn those moments into beautiful images that you will keep forever.