UNDERWATER TTD- {Kandyce + Jermelle}

Two days after their wedding st Hard Rock , we headed to Ojos Indigenas ecological park for Kandyce and Jermelle’s underwater photo shoot. We were lucky again and has the best weather, crystal clear water and we are happy to share this great images¬†with you.

It was a blast! One of our favorite parts of the whole trip!! Renaud wasn’t kidding when we told us it wasn’t going to be easy. The water was cold, it was not easy to swim wearing a wedding dress and I had SO much water up my nose … yet it was AWESOME! The natural spring was beautiful and I loved experiencing that moment with my new husband. I honestly felt like we were living in a dream. I couldn’t believe how clear the water was. Rodrigo helped us figure out what to do while we were under water ! He was a super cool dude. We are so happy we did the underwater shoot. There’s nothing like it.

puntacanaunderwaterphotographer-1puntacanaunderwaterphotographer-2puntacanaunderwaterphotographer-3puntacanaunderwaterphotographer-4puntacanaunderwaterphotographerpunta cana ojos indigenasunderwater photo shootUNDERWATER TRASH THE DRESSpuntacanaunderwaterphotographer-9punta cana photographerdominicanrepublic photographerpunta cana underwater photographerpunta cana wedding photographerpuntacanaunderwaterphotographer-15

puntacanaunderwaterphotographer-16 underwater PHOTOGRAPHY puntacanaunderwaterphotographer-18 puntacanaunderwaterphotographer-19

underwater photographer

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