“As for the underwater experience, I did a lot of research for this type of photography throughout the country. Nobody does what they do underwater, just look at our photos! It was extremely important to us to have this shoot as we wanted to end the distance in a very specific way, in the waters that tried to separate us. There were 3 photographers throughout the shoot and safety was very important, luckily they also have Rodrigo an expert diver that can carry a woman in a completely submerged wedding gown while carrying all his equipment and camera on the other hand. They are aware of their surroundings, teach you breathing techniques and how to position your body for the best possible shot. We’d recommend this shoot to everyone, it’s truly one of a kind. For those that find it dangerous or are worried, PhotoSouvenir assures you will not be put in harms way!” Viviani and Rachel



It took us a while to put this one together but here it is and we are sooooo exited! We are the first one in Punta Cana to take the underwater photography to this level and we have so many ideas that we hope that you will join us soon for this adventure.

Trash the Dress is more than a photo shoot. It is a way of expression, say something about who you are, about the emotion, love and our ultimate challenge is to offer more creative ways of capturing your big day and make you beautiful. Underwater photography is the new trend so, after our popular Dominican urban Trash the dress ( called Wild Trash the Dress), we now introduce our Underwater Love session and we are happy to welcome a new associate underwater photographer into our team. Rodrigo ARDANAZ , photo/videographer with more than 10 000 dives and 20 years of experience with the best underwater gear is now adding his expertise and professionalism to our Trash the Dress photo shoot. The combination of Rodrigo’s skills, underwater lightning techniques and our post edition makes it unique. We know that many people would really like to do something like this but it might look extreme . The good news is that it is easier that it looks like and you can trust us on this one! Below are a few questions that might come to your mind when you think about being underwater.

Q. Will my dress be damaged?

A. No, not unless you want it to be. In fact there is there is a 90% chance your dress will be fine in fact it might be cleaner after you have been in the water than after the reception of your wedding! If you then have it dry cleaned it should be as good as new.

Q. How long is a TTD shoot?

A. It really depends on the number of locations you want as obviously these really add time to the length of the shoot, but if we are doing an Underwater TTD  and beach  it will generally be about 3-4 hours plus travelling time to and from the cenote. Having said that, depending on how comfortable each couple is under the water it might take less time….

Q.Is it safe?

A. Absolutely.Well the fact is that you don’t need to be professional divers to do that. As long as you are comfortable in the water and can swim a little it is fine. You will just need to hold your breath for a few seconds and we will do the rest. Also, Rodrigo has been a rescue diver for 20 years, Renaud is almost instructor and certified and Severine is an ex competitive swimmer so it seems that we are the perfect team to do this. You are in good hands!  Rodrigo can swim with a bride AND a camera ( yes he did it several time) so no worries about anything .We also go to places where you can stand on a log or rock so that you don’t have to float all the time. We also shoot out of water and finish on the beach so it is a very complete session and you won’t have to spend hours in the water.

Q. How will I actually know what to do when I am underwater and how long will I be underwater for?

A. Firstly, you are generally just under the surface of the water and will be able to touch the ground with your head above water at all time unless you want to go deeper and your wedding dress is the kind you can swim in easily… so generally you will just have your head underwater for just a few seconds at a time. As for knowing what to do, every time you pop your head out of the water Rodrigo and Severine will give you direction . You’ll be amazed how quickly you get the hang of it….

Now, on the day here is a list of what you will need to do and bring with you….

  • Please have your hair and make-up done and preferably dress on before we arrive at the resort.
  • Remember to bring towels and a change of cloths.
  • Bring snacks and a drink or try to have breakfast before the session.
  • Bring your bouquet and your veil… they look beautiful underwater!
  • Bring a waterproof bag to carry the dress in once you are out of the water. (aka. Large plastic bag.)
  • Don’t forget your props if you want to bring any!
  • Your wedding shoes and comfortable shoes. There is a 15 min walk to get to the lagoon.

Contact for more information.