HURACAN Punta Cana wedding { Monika + Tom }

Monika and Tom..another couple who left as friends. In fact we are waiting for them to visit again to hang out with them. They are from Poland, met a long time ago and their paths separated for a while until they got reunited and realized they were meant for each other. Amazing love story, awesome people and a lot of emotion for this day. They touched our heart! The weather was awful the whole week and we almost canceled the Underwater shoot. Not only we went for it and it was an amazing experience for the four of us.( will do a separate post for this one).

Monika is super easy going and gave Nati total freedom for the decor. It was stunning as alway and he could not be happier about the venue.

We are waiting for you to come back guys! In the mean time sending a huge hug from sunny Punta Cana.

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