EXCELLENCE PUNTA CANA wedding- { Lauren + Zach }

Excellence Punta Cana is like home to us so before we start each wedding there we are already happy. But when you meet a couple like Lauren and Zach, it is not like work anymore. It is just fun. Lauren is the kind of woman who puts a smile on your face all the time. Her happiness is contagious and her purple put even more color in this grey and rainy day! It took only two minutes with them to get their connection and feel the love.

It rained for the first look, it poured rain during the ceremony, so much that we had to hide under an umbrella to take photos but they were just laughing all the time. Jut look at the pictures and you will feel it. They are in love, they are happy, they don’t take themselves too seriously and their wedding day was jut perfect even in the rain.

Lauren and Zach, we are so happy we met you. Big hug from sunny Punta Cana ( I know it was not so sunny that day)


Severine + Renaud

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