We met Ada and George times  three for their wedding at Alsol Luxury village ( rehearsal dinner, wedding and Trash the Dress) and it was an absolute pleasure to work with them.

Ada and George met online. He actually messaged her and it took her a month to reply because she thought he was too far. It looks like love can beat all the distance! Goerge’s proposal was a surprise “My friend scheduled a girls brunch to celebrate her new promotion at work. But it was actually George behind it all. The brunch was in a Mexican restaurant. My girlfriends, sister and I got to the restaurant and sat at our table. There was a mariachi band playing for us and a videographer taping us. I was confused as to why they were only at our table. After the second song, I notice George dressed up as one of the mariachis. Then he got on one knee with tears in his eyes and asked me to marry him. Then my family and his family come in to join us. It was beautiful and romantic! And I have it all on video.”

Their wedding day was perfect and so much fun. We met them the following day for their trash the dress and the weather was horrible ( it actually looked like a Huricane was coming) but as always it all worked well.( see separte post for this shoot)

“I don’t usually review things. But Severine and Renaud are amazing! They are worth every penny! They are fantastic photographers. They have an amazing eye for this. My husband and I were so thrilled with the work they did. They took so many amazing pictures of our wedding and we are unbelievably grateful. They are flexible with their packages and genuinely want to make you happy. I wanted to make a last minute change for an underwater shoot but her underwater photographer was not available because of the short notice. The next day Severine was able to get the underwater photographer after all! They are both super nice and awesome people and so great to work with. I will recommend them to everyone I know. I can only think of positive things to say about them. All you have to do is look at their work online. That alone speaks for itself.”

Congrats to you both

with love

Severine + Renaud
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